“America is one big experiment in what happens when you’re a wealthy, privileged culture that’s pretty much lost religion or spirituality as a real informing presence. It’s still a verbal presence — it’s part of the etiquette that our leaders use, but it’s not inside us anymore, which in one way makes us very liberal and moderate and we’re not fanatics…but on the other hand, it’s very difficult to think that the point of life is to double your salary so that you can go to the mall more often. Even when you’re making fun and sneering at it, there’s a real dark emptiness about it.”
— David Foster Wallace (via sometimesagreatnotion)


Après Vélocia by cycledefrance on Flickr.

My dutch friend Rob is a huge fan of french bicycles and trips. Check out his Flickr account!



New LeMond frame. Di2 ready.

Very nice looking LeMond frame, thought it was a


For me, language is a freedom. As soon as you have found the words with which to express something, you are no longer incoherent, you are no longer trapped by your own emotions, by your own experiences; you can describe them, you can tell them, you can bring them out of yourself and give them to somebody else. That is an enormously liberating experience, and it worries me that more and more people are learning not to use language; they’re giving in to the banalities of the television media and shrinking their vocabulary, shrinking their own way of using this fabulous tool that human beings have refined over so many centuries into this extremely sensitive instrument. I don’t want to make it crude, I don’t want to make it into shopping-list language, I don’t want to make it into simply an exchange of information: I want to make it into the subtle, emotional, intellectual, freeing thing that it is and that it can be.”

Jeanette Winterson

“The master has failed more times than the beginner has even tried.”
— Stephen McCranie  (via modernhepburn)

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Raas, Rooks, Kuiper and the boys - very nice.


First Or Last, by Howies

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Always wondered how the back side appears.